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Traffic, stop following me

Traffic, stop following me

Yesterday I sat on Adobe Road for 15 minutes to get through the intersection with Petaluma Hill Road.

This is my old commute (photo).


I like my new commute on Petaluma Hill Road, past the strawberry stand just the way it is. No thanks Rohnert Park, we don’t need your 15000+ new autos on this area.

Stop the RP development machine

I don’t mind when Rohnert park builds new subdivisions within their city – until they impact vital rural areas that are important to all citizens of Sonoma County and it’s environs. That’s why the planned 5160 new units along Petaluma Hill Road must be stopped. This project  shown above, at Rohnert Park Expressway and Petaluma Hill Road, is currently paving over key recharge points for the Santa Rosa Aquifer. During the worst drought, ever.